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Basement Repairs.

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Fix Your Structure.

Leaky basements and/or failing foundations can mean a lot of trouble for any structure.

Are there small cracks in your basement walls or the block? Over the years small movements occur in your walls resulting in minor damage. Repairing this damage sooner than later, helps prevent further damage. You could be in need of minor foundation repairs which involves replacing damaged block and grinding out damaged masonry joints and tuckpointing. Also, if the walls have no reinforcement, we fill the wall every 4′ or so with concrete and rebar which reinforces the wall.

If your basement wall is visibly bowed inwards with large cracks and many damaged block, your wall may require partial or a full rebuild. Frost plays a large role in creating this mess by freezing the soil next to your foundation, expanding the soil, pushing your foundation inwards over the years. This ties in with our waterproofing system also (described on next tab) which involves removing the water next to the foundation to prevent freezing of the soil.

If you are concerned over your basement and need help, give us a call and we will come up with several solutions, leaving it up to you to choose one that best fits your needs!

Are you tired of water seeping through your basement walls? Worried mold may start forming? Our basement waterproofing system removes your stress and anxiety once and for all. It stops those irritating leaks where they start, on the outside! We will not waste your time and money with less permanent fixes, but offer you a lasting solution. Take a look below for an overview of this process;


This is our highly recommended and most permanent fix.

  1. Excavate the dirt 3ft away from the home down to the bottom of the concrete footings around the entire home.
  2. Inspect the foundation; grind out and fill any cracks with masonry mortar.
  3. Clean all dirt off the masonry basement walls and concrete footings to ensure a proper bond between waterproofing and wall.
  4. Using Mel-Rol primer, prime the areas below grade including the footings.
  5. Install Mel-Rol rubber membrane from the bottom of the footing to the grade height.
  6. Install a piece of L flashing and Mel-Rol caulk at the finished grade height to seal the top of the waterproof membrane.
  7. Install Mel-Drain Board over the Mel-Rol. This will allow water to drain down the water proofing to the drain tile. This material also adds a protective layer over the waterproofing.
  8. Install new drain tile, day light if possible, if not run in to sump pit. Cover drain tile with pea rock and landscape fabric. Back Fill with all walls with sand. Set final grade.

Take a look at our waterproof system repair system!

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Invest in your Home.

Investing in your basement improves the value of your home. 

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Our Clients Say.

***** (five stars) – Loved it!  “Hire them! The team at JM Masonry is just awesome.  They worked with us to re-engineer what turned out to be a major structural issue in our walk-out basement.  The masons were hard-working and skilled, as well as considerate and friendly. The management was excellent, communicating fully and problem-solving with us along the way.  We also hired them to do stonework repair on our fireplace mantle, which required special matching of stone. We are so pleased with and grateful for their work.”

The Zaks