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Concrete Driveways.

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What type of driveway is more long lasting than concrete? We have asked the same thing, and concrete is still the longest lasting solution we offer clients looking for a durable driveway solution. With the proper gravel base, frost protection, thickness, and reinforcement concrete will give you peace of mind each day you drive down your smooth driveway. No more puddles, erosion, mud, or dust to deal with. Give us a call and lets put together a plan for your driveway!



Stamped Finish Concrete – This type of concrete is commonly referred to as textured or imprinted. It is concrete that is designed to resemble brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile, and even wood.

Sand Finish Concrete – This type of concrete requires a specific mix. The finish is accomplished much like exposed aggregate in the way that we remove the top film of the surface after concrete has set for a while to expose the sand beneath.

Stained/Colored Concrete – Stained and colored concrete can be similar but are accomplished in different methods. To stain concrete a retarder or release agent is applied to concrete that has been poured to bring out a stained look. Concrete with integral colorant is made by the concrete manufacturer.   

Traditional Concrete – Traditional finish is a very common and cost-effective method and results in a light grey concrete color with a traditional broom finish.

Exposed Aggregate – Exposed aggregate is similar to sand finish in the way it is accomplished. The type of concrete mix is one of the main differences. This mix involves more larger pebbles so when the surface layer is removed they are exposed.

Oh yes, a heated concrete driveway! For those of us up North, we understand the value in this! Imagine, no shoveling?! Its real, and it can be done. Save your back, get a heated driveway. Call now and get started!


Concrete Driveways.

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