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How to Complete Your Masonry Project This Winter.

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How to Complete Your Masonry Project This Winter

How to Complete Your Masonry Project This Winter.

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With temperatures plummeting below 30 degrees and snow in the future, we understand the need to pack in your project for spring. You even see other construction sites working round the clock to get as much work done as they can before winter. However, there are numerous ways to work around the brutal weather to complete your projects so you don’t have to wait until spring!

How We Work in Winter

At JM Masonry, we work all year round!
In the winter, we build shelters with propane heaters for conducive working temperatures.

It is a prevalent concern that masonry materials do not hold up well in winter. However, there are various ways we work around the cold and wet season; warming up the materials before use, using new materials that can withstand the winter temperatures, and using heaters to keep the masonry work warm enough to cure.

What projects should be completed in The Winter

It is correct to assume that not every project is practical during the winter. It can be a wise move to pack in the project for spring. However, there are projects you just cannot put off. So, what is possible? Here are a few winter-conducive projects at JM Masonry.

1. Fireplaces & Chimney Repairs
Winter nights are picture-perfect for curling up with your loved ones around the fireplace. However, unchecked chimney damage can cause water slippage to your home and fireplace. During the winter, freeze-thaw cycles can worsen the damage, making your chimney unable to perform its job of keeping you and your household warm in winter. At JM Masonry, we restore damaged chimneys and fireplaces, so you can enjoy your fireplace for the rest of the winter.
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2. Stucco Plaster Repairs
It is crucial to repair stucco plaster damage to prevent snow water from entering the walls and further aggravating the freeze-thaw cycle deterioration. So, is it possible to stucco in the winter? Yes. At JM Masonry, we use shelters and propane heaters to plaster in the winter. Frozen walls are heated daily before plastering and materials are stored in a heated room, off the ground.
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3. Basement Repairs
Repairing minor wall damage in your basement or foundation cracks does not need to wait out the biting cold. During winter thaw, your foundation can develop new gaps, and wall cracks could worsen. The good news? Our team of experienced masons can complete your basement repairs in the winter.
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4. Masonry veneers
Conceal your structure’s mainframe with a single, external wall that has a surface of the brick, stone, stucco, or another material, for better aesthetics.

But the aesthetics aren’t the only advantages of a veneer wall. The airspace will give drainage to any water that’s entered your veneer, which will then drain away from, not into, your structure. The airspace gives your structure extra insulation and thus better thermal performance. A veneer wall weighs less and may require less time and thus less investment than a traditional masonry wall.

You may have heard not to add a veneer wall in the winter, but we take extra steps to make sure nothing needs to be redone later and that all extra steps are taken. That’s why you trust the experts!
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5. Stone
We bring more than 20 years of experience in stonework, so whether it’s a veneer, backsplash, or interior accent wall, we’re experts, including in the winter months! Stone is breathtaking, timeless, soothing, and downright beautiful. There’s no reason to wait until spring for your next stone project!
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6. Brick
The cold doesn’t stop us from this highly durable material. Masonry units are kept heated nearby, and while these units are also kept dry, very high-absorption fired-clay bricks sometimes need to be wetted — but never saturated.

As brick is often the first thing that comes to mind when people think “masonry,” know that we’ve got your brick project covered this winter and will take all the proper steps to make your project a success in spite of the elements.
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The Bottom Line

We encourage homeowners to take full advantage of the slow winter to complete their winter-able projects before the spring rush. It’s a great way to get ahead of the curve. Winter projects are not going to be a higher investment. If you’re unsure if your project is doable during the winter months, or are thinking about putting off needed repairs for spring, give us a call at 218-525-7278 to schedule a consultation. We can determine if we can help you in the winter, and if we can’t we’ll book you a spot for spring

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