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Retaining Walls.

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Durable Structure.

Hold back the soil and make a strong wall for landscaping and land integrity.

What are you looking for in a retaining wall? Functionality, curb appeal, property value? You may have an old wall that is falling over, or an area you have dreamed of adding a wall just like in the pictures you see. We can help you get what you need, with the peace of mind that a 10 year workmanship guarantee brings. We do it right the first time. If something goes wrong, we come back and fix it! So give us a call and lets get started!

To hold back the weight of soil, a wall built below grade must be strong. But even the strongest wall cannot withstand the hydraulic pressure that builds up behind it when soil becomes saturated with rainwater. So, in addition to being built solidly, the wall must have a way for water to escape. Weep holes, small in diameter and spaced 4 to 10 feet apart, allow water to come through the wall. Or, in the case of a foundation wall, you can direct water to one or both sides of a wall. The most common way to do this is with perforated drainpipe set in a bed of gravel and sloped slightly.

A landscaping retaining wall commonly is battered, that is, sloped toward the soil it retains. This gives the wall strength. Structural walls cannot be battered, so we build them strong, with plenty of reinforcement.


Some of the most durable walls are constructed of poured concrete reinforced with rebar. These walls can withstand any climate for a long period of time. Some of the options for finishing the face of the wall include textured forms that can give the wall a stone, wood, or even brick texture.

Dry Stack Stone

With such a large variety of stone to choose from, a dry stack wall can be a beautiful sight tailored to fit each individuals taste. With an artistic touch fitting every stone our masons know how to get it done and make it very appealing to the eyes.

CMU Block

CMU block comes in a few different shapes and sizes with different finishes. An option with cmu is to finish the block by installing stone or stucco or brick to the outside structure.

Landscape block

There are many manufacturers of landscape block and so many options to choose from. We know a few that stand above the rest so with our expertise and your taste choosing a direction is made easy.

Stone set in mortar

This wall is basically as it sounds.. stone set in mortar! Our masons trim and fit each stone for your wall as they go and set each stone in mortar. Upon completion all joints are grouted. This wall can be an extremely sturdy wall built by the right masons.


If you cant find a wall type you are looking for doesn’t mean we cant do it! Just give us a call and lets talk about it!

A Techo – Bloc, Landscape Block,  retaining wall featured below!

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***** (five stars) – Loved it!  “Hire them! The team at JM Masonry is just awesome.  They worked with us to re-engineer what turned out to be a major structural issue in our walk-out basement.  The masons were hard-working and skilled, as well as considerate and friendly. The management was excellent, communicating fully and problem-solving with us along the way.  We also hired them to do stonework repair on our fireplace mantle, which required special matching of stone. We are so pleased with and grateful for their work.”

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