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Masonry stucco is a commonly used on home exteriors because of its long lasting and durable traits. Due to improper installation or old age stucco can start to develop cracks allowing water to infiltrate, causing damage during the freeze thaw cycle. If you are noticing cracks and deterioration in your stucco, give us a call, and let one of our professionals take a look and provide you with some options!



Masonry plaster was commonly used back in the day as an interior finish. While this material is not so common anymore, many homes and buildings do have plaster. Over the years, the shrinking and expanding of substrate material leads to cracking in the plaster. If you are seeing cracks and missing plaster give us a call and let one of our professionals take a look and provide you with some options!




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“I contacted your company on 06/21/2012 following a flood in Duluth, MN on 06/20/2012. Despite all the work which would become available to you due to the entire city affected by the unusual storm system, you responded quickly to my desperate message. I am selling my house, and inspections were due within the week. By July 2nd, you had completed all work, as promised. The flood was unlucky, but choosing your company was good luck. Thank you.”

Joan Burns