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Cracked brick?.

Your brick may need some maintenance!

Does the brick façade on your home show visible signs of deterioration? Cracks, broken/spalling brick, white efflorescence? Tuckpointing is the practice of repairing such deterioration, by grinding out the deteriorated mortar joints, replacing damaged brick, and installing new mortar in the joints. This will stop the risk of water infiltrating your home, causing water damage and even mold! Give us a call and lets restore your home. Then you can relax and enjoy for many, many years!


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Our Clients Say.

“We are more than pleased with the work done on the wall in front of the house and the repair work your guys did on the drive and retaining wall. You workers are pleasant; work extremely hard, knowledgeable about their work, and very courteous. We couldn’t be more satisfied about the job done.”

Bob and Kathy Carlson