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Yard Grading & Water Control.

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Yard Problems .

Bouncy mower ride? Puddles in your yard?

Getting a sore back from a bouncy mower ride? Or getting stuck in those puddles? These are issues that can arise from water in your yard and buildup around your home, which freezes in the winter, and heaves and pushes concrete, your yard, and your basement! Lets get your yard smooth with proper sloping and get that water away from your home. Another thing to consider is your gutters. A underground rain drain system is a great way to route rain water to a harmless location. Give us a call and lets examine your property to figure out what solutions work best for you.


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Our Clients Say.

“I selected JM Masonry to repair my retaining walls after being severely damaged during the June 20, 2012 storm in Duluth. I received a competitive estimate to do the work. The work was completed in a timely manner and under cost estimates. I was impressed with the efficient and professional manner in which the repairs were planned and implemented. It was obvious that the crew that did the work knew what they were doing. I highly recommend JM Masonry as a company you can trust to do excellent work.”

Tom Tonkin